Who is behind gast&hof?

A farm («hof») and guesthouse («gast») - operated by Reto Streit, farmer and social educator Ursula Knuchel Streit, teacher for home economics, with Severin, Vera, Léo and Alessio (not on photo).

Working and contributing in our business:
  • Annalise and Hansueli Streit-Brunner
  • Severin and Vera
  • Léo and Alessio
  • Lisa Habegger-Trittibach
  • Angela Ceresa
  • Hans-Ruedi Mäder
  • Cristian and Barbara Hauser-Knuchel
  • Dominic Hauser
  • Silvan Hauser
  • Lis Knuchel Ruef
  • Ursula and Sandro Contin-Schmutz
  • Fabian Kaspar and Jolanda Schär
  • Mäthu and Daniela Zürcher
  • Tom Lüscher
  • Marcus and Jacqueline Bräuer
  • Anja Jäggi
  • Joana Hasler
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