Who is behind gast&hof?

A guesthouse («gast») and farm («hof») - operated by Ursula Knuchel Streit, teacher for home economics, and Reto Streit, farmer and social educator. As owner and proprietor, Ursula and Reto run the entire business in a co-management partnership.

Working and contributing in our business:
  • Till Häberli (agriculture) and Stella Sala (guesthouse)
    together with a 50% workload
  • Lisa Habegger (guesthouse)
    20% workload
  • Marcus Bräuer (agriculture)
    20% workload
  • Olha Havriushenko (guesthouse)
    10% workload
  • Celine Lüthi *
    60% workload

Further working irregularly and on call with us, in the guesthouse or in agriculture:
  • Annalise und Hansueli Streit-Brunner
  • Severin Streit and Vera Streit
  • Hans-Ruedi Mäder
  • Cristian and Barbara Hauser-Knuchel
  • Dominic Hauser
  • Silvan Hauser
  • Lis Knuchel Ruef
  • Fabian Kaspar and Jolanda Schär
  • Mathias and Daniela Zürcher
  • Aline Kaufmann
  • Tom Lüscher
  • Jacqueline Bräuer
  • Anja Jäggi
  • Fabienne Curty
  • Thomas von Sauberzweig
  • Pullets loading helpers: Colette, Urs, Barbara, Peter, Rahel, Ueli, Johnny und Milena

* Our current trainee is called Celine Lüthi and will be working with us at the gast&hof from 1 May to 31 October 2023 on a 60% basis. She was a chef at the hospital in Belp, is a prospective farmer and runs the food truck LandWIRT (www.landwirt-gmbh.ch) with her partner - we are very much looking forward to her work and hope that we can introduce her to the versatile and practical aspects of the profession of a farmer.

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