Our organic farm is in Bärfischenhaus, a small hamlet near Laupen. The view, the calm, the nature – there are places, where you can see more of the sky than of the land, and where you’re still not «off the planet». The cities of Bern, Fribourg and Murten are nearby.

  • Agricultural land
    30 ha
  • Cropping
    Cultivation edible oats, winter wheat, original spelt and sunflowers according to the production guidelines of Bio Suisse, production of our own straw for bedding for our farm animals
  • Animal feed production
    Production of our own roughage for our Galloway Cattle, horses and pullets
  • Ecological compensation areas
    Hedge, flower meadow, extensive meadow, field conservation strips
  • Forest
  • Galloway Cattle (Suckler Cow Herd)
    Extensive herd management for direct marketing
  • Pension Stable for Horses
    Open stable with direct access to the paddock and picturesque riding area
  • Raising of organic pullets
    In cooperation with Wüthrich Geflügel AG, Belp
  • Breeding of Silkworms
    We’re part of the Swiss Silk pilot test to produce silk in Switzerland, to plant mulberry trees and breed silkworms, and to produce silk thread
  • Orchard
    for the production of apple juice, fresh and dried fruit for direct marketing
  • Other farm animals
  • Agri-Tourism
    B&B, guest rooms, dinner for guests, silkworm and farm tours, hedge educational trail
  • Energy generation
    For self-consumption and sale, with a public charging station type 2, two photovoltaic and a solar thermal system on our roofs for electricity and hot water generation
  • Management of our properties
    In Bärfischenhaus and Biel