Crops and forage farming

On our farm we grow Bio Suisse certified cereals such as original spelt, winter wheat and edible oats as well as Bio Suisse sunflowers for the production of edible oil. On our artificial meadows and permanent grassland, we produce our own roughage for our Galloway cattle, horses and pullets. We use the straw that accumulates after the grain harvest as animal bedding.

With the consistent cultivation of species-rich green manures between the main crops and the regular application of farmyard and upgraded farmyard manure, nutrients are returned to the soil, soil organisms are fed and new humus formation is continuously made possible.

We manage about 15% of our landscape area as biodiversity promotion area. These include hedges, extensive meadows and flower meadows. Ecological compensation areas aim to provide undisturbed and natural habitats for many small creatures such as insects, birds and small mammals (undisturbed breeding, retreats, etc.).

We mow our ecological compensation areas with a bar mower to protect insects.