Renewable energy

The overall concept of an organically managed farm also includes the careful use of resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

On our roofs we operate 3 photovoltaic systems with an annual production of 35'000 kWh as well as 1 solar thermal system of 9 m/2 roof area for electricity and hot water production (for own consumption and sale).

The goal is to produce resources regionally and to use the energy thus generated directly where it is needed. Decentralised power generation and on-site consumption means that the electricity does not have to be transported as far.

Wherever possible, machines with combustion engines used on our farm are replaced by those with electric motors (eHoftrac, electric wheelbarrows, electric manure pushers, etc.) and powered by our own solar electricity.

The residential buildings are all sustainably heated with wood pellets from the region.

A publicly accessible easee charging station type 2 for electric vehicles is available to our guests and customers.
Our BnB guests charge their e-bikes with solar power we produce ourselves.
Solar power certificate
We cover 100% of our electricity requirements with solar power from our own production and from electricity commons