Galloway Gourmet Beef

  • Mixed packets of 5 or 10 kg of Galloway Gourmet Beef, Fr. 35.- per kg
  • Mixed packet of 15 kg of Galloway Gourmet Beef, Fr. 35.- per kg
  • Single portions from our range of products (see price list)
Our mixed packets are professionally stored, vacuum-packed, dated and portioned (normally for two persons). A mixed packet consists of entrecote, tenderloin, escalope, Rib Eye steak, diced meat, minced meat and/or boiling meat, roast, and ragout.
Mixed packagess of 10 and 15 kg consist of all pieces in their respective proportions.

Animal welfare and maintaining the high quality of our product have top priority with us. We work together with the meat processing plant Schärer GmbH of Schwarzburg. Their small slaughterhouse is in our neighbouring village, therefore the transportation route for the animal is short. After slaughtering in Schwarzburg the meat of our animals is properly processed and stored the needed time. Under the professional guidance of Schärer GmbH the meat is portioned by us, vacuum-packed and assembled into mixed packages.

Other Galloway products:

  • Dauerwurst (dried sausage)
  • Hamburgers
  • Meat Loaf
  • Sausage
  • Mostbröckli (Smoked meat heels, cut)
We’re looking forward to deliver our tasty, high quality Galloway Gourmet Beef directly to your front door. Don’t hesitate, and send us an e-mail with your address. We will send you an order form in time for the next delivery date.

Galloway Gourmet Beef – the ultimate experience in taste!