A small breed with great class

Galloway cattle

We keep a herd of Galloway suckler cows with their young and cattle on our farm. The bull is also temporarily with the herd.

Galloway cattle are among the world’s oldest robust breeds. These old grown beef cattle are native to the Southwest of Scotland. During the vegetation period, our cattle live exclusively on our pasture. In extreme weather conditions, they can be brought to our open stable. Their non-selective grazing behaviour contributes to a great biodiversity and to landscape conservation. During winter, the Galloways live in a free-range stable with deep litter. Whenever possible, they are released to the pasture. In wintertime, they live on an exclusive diet of hay, haylage and mineral salt. We deliberately do without any pellet food or additives.

Galloway cattle
Galloway suckler cow with calf

A species-appropriate and environmentally sound husbandry gives our cattle time to grow and develop the characteristic taste of their meat. The calves grow up with their mothers in the rate of growth specific to the breed. They are slaughtered at 20 – 26 months.

The reward for the animal’s slow growth is high quality Galloway Gourmet Beef – meat of highest quality with unrivaled taste. Fine muscle fibers and well-balanced marbling are characteristic for Galloway Gourmet Beef. Galloway meat offers a high percentage in nutritionally valuable unsaturated fatty acids (linolenic acid).

Galloway Gourmet Beef direct marketing

We sell our Galloway Gourmet Beef directly from the farm.